Our delicious Devon fudge sauce recipe was created  in Devon in 1935

Our delicious Devon fudge sauce recipe was created by my mum who was born in Devon in 1935.  As was typical in those days many many hours were spent toiling with her mum, in their basic kitchen,  without running water (the well was in the garden) turning out rustic yet hearty meals, regularly only from the produce grown and reared on their small patch of Devon ground and nothing went to waste!


Occasionally something magical would happen, very often by accident and born from creativity and never throwing anything away…what could one do when there was a little too much clotted cream (even in the war this was thankfully available) left in the larder and needed to be used up?

An ingenious idea, that could be perfect poured over homemade bread and butter pudding or spread generously over warm scones from the Rayburn and so using only natural, local ingredients the family Devon Clotted Cream fudge sauce recipe was made and never to be forgotten.


So  now three generations later I thought what better testament to the women (in fact all the Nanny’s) of that true austere period than to recreate and share this deeply joyful recipe with as many of you guys as possible.

So let’s go, let’s get imaginative, thinking up as many wonderful ways to drizzle, drip, slather and pour this unctuous sauce into your life too.

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